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  • December 2016
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Welcome to Healthrays!

Hi and welcome to my site, Healthrays! From the time I was very young I have dreamed of finding things that would help people to alleviate their emotional and physical suffering. Over the years I have discovered a wide variety of healing modalities and supplements that I have shared with friends, family and clients. Check out what I have found, all of these are carefully chosen to support YOU!

I specialize in Homeopathy and have been working with vibrational remedies and essences for over 25 years. I continue to assist those who are committed to maintaining optimum mental, physical and emotional health with life-supporting services and products. I also present workshops nationally, and on line for small interactive groups, as well as larger webinars in the works (see Scheduled Events below).

I am so excited about my new book! It is groundbreaking work using frequency for emotional and mental shifts that lead to physical changes too. Please check it out: HeartFusion™. It is an “autobiographical-educational-how to book”. Learn how to take care of yourself at home with only a bottle and water!

I am pleased to offer these opportunities for health and transformation on all levels.


Jana's Services + Workshops

I offer the following services:

• Classical Homeopathy,
• Powerful and unusual supplements I have personally used, or seen in action!
• Sedona Sacred Essences.
• HeartFusion™, My Sedona Water Crystal Imprinting Technology!
• Personal Sessions.
• Collaborate on a Webinar for your local group!
• Teleseminars.

A Few Testimonials

Dr. Annette Deyhle, PhD

The author offers the reader a surprisingly simple yet profoundly exciting method for healing your emotions, mind, and body by instantly creating new pathways in your brain. Jana Shiloh reveals her own lifelong journey as a spiritual seeker, human being, and homeopathic practitioner, She summarizes the concepts of homeopathy, structured water, and the research of Dr. Emoto, to show that everything is energy and frequency. Integrating these concepts with her life, and clinical experience, she has created a new modality- “HeartfusionTM.” This clinically tested process, using imprinted water, is an amazingly powerful self-help method for anyone wishing to heal and dramatically change their life. It focuses on dissolving core issues and emotions that affect the patterns in our lives, as well as our bodies, minds and spirit. The book is interesting and well written with succinct testimonials and clear instructions. You will enjoy this lively account. I recommend it highly for anyone who wants to grow and heal.

Dr. Annette Deyhle, PhD, Research Coordinator, Institute of HeartMath, Boulder Creek, CA

A Client's Story of HeartFusion(tm)

My 12 yr old daughter had anxiety attacks several times a week. She hyperventilated and she would then throw up. We asked Jana for help, and she guided her into making her own HeartFusion remedy with the anxiety she was experiencing. She used this remedy on 3 separate occasions when the attacks began, and each time they melted away! Now she knows she can stop them immediately, but no longer needs to use the remedy as they have not returned! We are so very grateful. She also has learned how to make a HeartFusion from any other emotion that emerges as she grows into her teenage years! Everyone should know this technique! Thank you Jana.

H.M. Sedona AZ

Dr. Devin A. Mikles on HeartFusion(tm)

HeartFusion: The Magic of Imprinting Water by Jana Shiloh

In her new book, “The Magic of Imprinting Water”, Jana Shiloh, a homeopathic educator and healer with several decades of experience, dedicated study and research, gives us a glimpse of her own path towards mastery of the homeopathic method….

Dr. Devin A. Mikles, MD, MD(H), FACP

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