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There is more to healing than you may think!

I just loved Dr. John Mallon’s site thehealinguniverse.com. On it he has 3 free videos about energy and healing (he is a physicist) and his library of papers from different authors is outrageously exciting! http://www.thehealinguniverse.com/library.html. He says “We are a Universe of frequency and frequency vibrates through moisture or water. Water is the medium that communicates telepathically through our brains” and I would add, our bodies….

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Amazing Healing with Frequency- A Life Saved!

HI Folks, thanks for the responses! I am new to this so it took a bit to figure out how to respond and get your comments published.

As one who has practiced and studied homeopathy for 30 years I can say What Dr. Lipton says is true- I have seen homeopathy work in seconds! My former husband had an aortic dissection (the inner lining of his aorta split from his heart to his kidney!). Most people don’t live to get to the hospital, or into surgery when that happens. As he lay writhing at my feet (he has Marfan’s Syndrome  so I knew it was probably his valves or his aorta. I thought it was his valves- but ultimately I didn’t know. I ran and got 3 remedies. The first I tossed in his mouth and only waited some seconds. Nothing happened. I tossed the 2nd one in, nothing. I tossed the third in, and he took a deep breathe, his …

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Hello world! I am glad to be able to share my passions about energy and healing with you

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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