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Hope for Nerve Injuries

Although many remedies can be of help for specific conditions of nerve injury, Hypericum is the most common, and can be found at health food stores.

Hypericum is one of my favorite homeopathic remedies. That’s a funny remark for a homeopath, because any remedy that is the right remedy will produce truly remarkable results. They are all wonderful remedies. Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen so many miraculous, instantaneous, results that I feel this way. Overall it’s a relatively easy one to learn how to use, and with it you too can work miracles.

Hypericum is a remedy for injury to nerves. While it soothes the nerves it also promotes healing. In homeopathy we have no generic “pain killers”, if the remedy works on the injury, and pain is alleviated, the remedy is also healing the problem. Since the remedies work sublingually, the response can be almost immediate (as with the conventional drug Nitro-glycerine…which, by the way was “discovered” because homeopaths used it …

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More Support for Homeopathy; the Truth Emerges

Check this one out!!! A Nobel prize winner supporting homeopathy!!! The truth shall set us free….


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A Remedy Everyone Should Have

Hi, it has been a while, re-edits of the Book “HeartFusion” are almost done.

Meanwhile I want to share a simple remedy you can get at the health food store. It is homeopathic and it is called Arnica. You can get it in two strengths- 30c and 200c.
Use it for bruises and swelling from injuries. It keeps swelling down, and I have used it right after an extraction of a tooth and it kept the swelling down as well as the pain.
Another time I gave it to a friend who had a major kidney surgery. He was supposed to have a level of pain at a 9 for and they would give him morphine to keep him comfortable! They anticipated a stay of 7 days. My friend had his wife give him Arnica 1M when he woke up and every 3 hrs for several days…he never needed morphine after the recovery room, and he walked out of the hospital 4 days …

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“HeartFusion™, The Magic of Imprinting Water” for Healing! The Book

My new book has just become available! It will be an e-book shortly- after I get it online. I am very excited to share this with the world! It is an additional step in the legacy Dr. Emoto has left us with the imprinting of water: www.masaru-emoto.net/english/entop.html and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8.

With my new method you can actually transform your own emotions at home, or with a skype or phone session with me. The book explains the rational behind the process and empowers you on many levels. As you see I have used the ideas of Bruce Lipton, Greg Bradon, and homeopathy to leap into this new concept.

Dr. Annette Deyhle, PhD, Research Coordinator, Institute of
HeartMath, Boulder Creek, CA has experienced and tested this new method on herself, she says:
“The author offers the reader a surprisingly simple yet
profoundly exciting method for healing your emotions, mind,and body by instantly creating new pathways in your brain.”
This book can be ordered at …

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