Biological Terrain

As farmers and gardeners know, the environment of the soil must be healthy and contain all of the required nutrients and other elements to produce strong, vigorous crops. Likewise in the human body the environment, or “biological terrain,” is equally important for maintaining optimum health. Hydrogen Enhanced Silica Hydride – has been developed which provides a critical missing link.

Hydrogen and the Immune System

With all the attention focused on the immune system, most modern scientists have overlooked the critical importance of the biological terrain, the role of Hydrogen, and Hydrogen ions in the body.

Recalling basic chemistry, Hydrogen (H) is the smallest of all atoms having a single negatively charged electron, running around its positively charged nucleus. With the discovery of Hydrogen Enhanced Silica Hydride, we now know that an additional electron (negatively charged) can be added, creating an Ion (H-) and giving the Hydrogen a negative potential. Hydrogen ions occur throughout the body. Because of their small size they can penetrate into every cell. Without Hydrogen there would be no communication between cells, no cellular division, no energy, no life. Babies are born with a large reservoir of Hydrogen; however the supply declines with age. Hydrogen also composes the spiral arms of DNA and holds the peptides onto the DNA. The body cannot repair DNA damage without abundant Hydrogen.

Cells Must Have Hydrogen

Oxygen does not work without Hydrogen – in fact Oxygen burns Hydrogen to fuel the body. Sixty percent of the food you eat is used to produce a source of energy called ATP. When ATP is formed, the two Hydrogen atoms combine with Oxygen to produce a byproduct, pure water, also critical to life. If there is an ample supply of electrons in the body, production of ATP increases, adding to the energy level without increased toxicity. We frequently hear from people who experience increased energy and physical performance after taking Hydrogen Enhanced Silica Hydride . If our ATP supply dropped by only 1/2 of one percent we would barely be able to function.

How Antioxidants Work

Free radicals, toxins and poisons are incomplete – they are missing an electron. Like a gang of thieves, they run through the body stealing electrons from healthy cells, causing us to age faster, and increasing the risk of many chronic diseases. Free radicals are also plentiful in foods high in fat, sugar or alcohol, as well as in toxic chemicals, and polluted air and water. Free radicals are created by the very act of breathing. Each cell is attacked by over 100,000 free radicals daily.

Clinical studies in medical journals have reported the efficacy of supplemental antioxidants in reducing free radical damage. Hydrogen Enhanced Silica Hydride appears to be most effective antioxidant in existence. Antioxidants like Vitamins C, E and Pycnogenol give electrons to free radicals to make them harmless. Of course our bodily fluids have a certain natural ability to do this, along with organic raw fruits and vegetables. Although antioxidants have many unique properties, the molecules are large, and the number of electrons which they have to give is limited. Once they give up their single electron, they too become devoid of an electron becoming free radicals themselves, although not as lethal as the original free radical they neutralized. This process is known as the cascade effect.

Hydrogen Enhanced Silica Hydride – Silica Hydride – has a powerful effect on all free radicals including those formed from other antioxidants as well. For example, Vitamin C, once having released its electron, is known as dehydroascorbic acid – literally ascorbic acid without hydrogen. Hydrogen Enhanced Silica Hydride replaces the Hydrogen and the electron to restore the ascorbic acid (or any other antioxidant) to its full original potency.

Introducing Hydrogen Into The Body with Hydrogen Enhanced Silica Hydride

Searches for a more effective way to provide the missing electrons, concluded that Hydrogen was the answer. It is the smallest of atoms, and an extra negatively charged electron could be added creating a Hydrogen ion (H-) The question arose of how to introduce these ions into the body. This was made possible by a proprietary delivery system . Hydrogen Enhanced Silica Hydride became the end product. The free radicals, poisons, toxins, and even plaque on our teeth are positively charged; because of the negative charge of the Hydrogen ion, they tend to attract each other, and therefore neutralization can occur.

A Technological Breakthrough

Discoveries have recently created a nutritional product that warrants close attention. It is a quantum leap in health protection. With its many benefits, it appears to be by far, the most powerful antioxidant available on the market. As stated, the small size Hydrogen atom provides the most concentrated source of antioxidant power. Each tiny Hydrogen atom can carry and give up an extra electron more efficiently. For example it would take 10,000 glasses of fresh organic orange juice to deliver the same number of electrons as one capsule of Hydrogen Enhanced Silica Hydride. This is because the Vitamin C molecule is so much larger than the Hydrogen atom. In addition, because of its size, the Hydrogen atom can easily penetrate all cells, even passing through the blood-brain barrier where other antioxidants cannot reach.

The effects of these negatively charged Hydrogen ions seem to affect the biological terrain in a way that greatly enhances the ability of the system to fight disease. Thanks to this unique proprietary process, nutritional Hydrogen in the form of Hydrogen Enhanced Silica Hydride can now provide the extra free electrons that the body needs. It can be an important addition to your daily nutritional supplements. My personal experimentation with this product included greater clarity, energy, and I must say a new feeling of vibrancy that I have not experienced from any other antioxidant or supplement to date.

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