Chapter 1: In the Beginning…

HeartFusionCover-300My Personal Voyage I had been practicing meditation for five years and had the joy and honor to personally learn from Ram Das, also known as Dr. Richard Alpert, in New Hampshire. After that, for six years I lived in a very intense community of 150 people focused on devotional kundalini yoga, with the powerful teacher whom I loved deeply. I was happy there and had no desire to leave, but in 1981 events conspired to catapult me out and into a new life. After six years in the spiritual community, my former husband, David, decided to leave. I was torn between following him or staying with my teacher, a way of life, and group of people with whom I was deeply connected. Finally I realized this inner conflict was resulting in a serious break down of my health. The indecision tore at me daily.

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Masaru Emoto: Water and Frequency

i2Emoto believed that water was a “blueprint for our reality” and that emotional “energies” and “vibrations” could change the physical structure of water. Emoto’s water crystal experiments consisted of exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures or music, and then freezing and examining the aesthetic properties of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography.

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Inherited Emotional States

trauma_stressInherited Emotional States- Epigenetics. How have your ancestor’s traumas effected your life today?

In addition to Classical Homeopathy and HeartFusion technologies, I also offer something called Source Medicine. This was developed by Peter Chappell who is an English homeopath. His remedies have been used for physical and emotional traumas originally in Africa and now all over the world…

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Whit Buffalo Medicine

whitebuffalocalfwomanWhen the White Buffalo lived at Spirit Mountain Ranch with Jim and Deena in Flagstaff AZ, I had the good fortune to visit them and become their friend. As a person who has used x Essences and frequency for healing for over 30 yrs, I wanted to experience what an Essence from the White Buffalo would feel like and what it’s purpose was. I was gifted with some of their shed fur. The Essence I made was eventually sold at their store and was healing for many people…

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Dr. Patrick Flanigan

A huge inspiration to my work, Dr. Patrick Flanagan was a child prodigy with an intense interest in electronics, biochemistry and physics. As an avid inventor, even at the age of 12, Patrick Flanagan shook up the Pentagon with his guided missile and atomic bomb detector.

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Studies of Dr. Flanagan’s Enhanced Silica Hydride

Abstracts of Evaluation Studies of Flanagan Enhanced Silica Hydride A Functional Silicate Nanocolloid Clinton H. Howard and Kimberly Lloyd Revised January, 2000 Royal BodyCare is conducting an ongoing series of laboratory and clinical studies designed to evaluate the...

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Biological Terrain

Biological Terrain As farmers and gardeners know, the environment of the soil must be healthy and contain all of the required nutrients and other elements to produce strong, vigorous crops. Likewise in the human body the environment, or “biological terrain,” is...

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Hope for Nerve Injuries

Although many remedies can be of help for specific conditions of nerve injury, Hypericum is the most common, and can be found at health food stores. Hypericum is one of my favorite homeopathic remedies. That's a funny remark for a homeopath, because any remedy that is...

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Tips for Radiation Protection

Treatments for Nuclear Contamination by Dr. Sircus Iodine – Glutathione – Natural Chelation – Clay – Baking Soda The incident is a reminder that preparedness should include being prepared for nuclear events with foods and medicinals in our medical cabinets that will...

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