A Remedy Everyone Should Have

Hi, it has been a while, re-edits of the Book "HeartFusion" are almost done. Meanwhile I want to share a simple remedy you can get at the health food store. It is homeopathic and it is called Arnica. You can get it in two strengths- 30c and 200c. Use it for bruises...

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Tips to Avoid the Flu

As we continue into this holiday season, our increased sweets can often lead to a reduced immune system. Here are my favorites for keeping my immune system strong: Vitamin D3, The black Elderberry Extract (the syrup is yummy- it comes in different forms), Beta...

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Are You Sensitive to Computer and Cell phone Radiation?

Just recently I have completed two Fusion remedies one for each, made as they did in the UK. Contact me if you are interested. The full line of Fusion Remedies are not up yet but should be soon. I have tested them out on some very environmentally sensitive people and...

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Nantucket workshop a success! Now onto Burlington VT

We had great experiences in Nantucket as people actually experienced the inner magic from imprinting water for their own healing. One person experienced a deep opening who had lost a child and is a part of Compassionate Friends. I look forward to being able to share...

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Powerful Workshop in Burlington VT to transform old emotions and patterns!

Expand your horizons & your consciousness in an evening adventure. On this rare occasion you will experience 2 of her unique HomeoFusionstm: one the frequency of Abundance, and the other made from a crystal orb mysteriously found under water, in a pyramid, near Bimini (Altantis?). This frequency of the orb has amplified thoughts and prayers.

You WILL feel this!

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There is more to healing than you may think!

I just loved Dr. John Mallon's site On it he has 3 free videos about energy and healing (he is a physicist) and his library of papers from different authors is outrageously exciting! He says “We...

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Amazing Healing with Frequency- A Life Saved!

HI Folks, thanks for the responses! I am new to this so it took a bit to figure out how to respond and get your comments published. As one who has practiced and studied homeopathy for 30 years I can say What Dr. Lipton says is true- I have seen homeopathy work in...

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