Although many remedies can be of help for specific conditions of nerve injury, Hypericum is the most common, and can be found at health food stores.

Hypericum is one of my favorite homeopathic remedies. That’s a funny remark for a homeopath, because any remedy that is the right remedy will produce truly remarkable results. They are all wonderful remedies. Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen so many miraculous, instantaneous, results that I feel this way. Overall it’s a relatively easy one to learn how to use, and with it you too can work miracles.

Hypericum is a remedy for injury to nerves. While it soothes the nerves it also promotes healing. In homeopathy we have no generic “pain killers”, if the remedy works on the injury, and pain is alleviated, the remedy is also healing the problem. Since the remedies work sublingually, the response can be almost immediate (as with the conventional drug Nitro-glycerine…which, by the way was “discovered” because homeopaths used it originally). We do need to give the remedy a liitle time to work if the injury is from the past. Long-term problems can take a little longer, whereas a recent injury will respond faster.

The most common use is for injury to fingernails and toe nails since they contain so many nerves under them. I hope there is a carpenter out there reading this! If a hammer hits a fingernail, or a rock drops on the toe, or fingers are caught in a car door- pop your Hypericum and the pain will diminish and leave, and the nail will be saved in all but the most severe cases. If you are using a 30c, repeat every 5-10 minutes until the pain subsides, then as needed according to the pain. This information alone is worth far more than the price of this subscription! But we won’t stop here- read on….Hypericum is also used for lacerations, painful surgeries ( alternating with Arnica), and after dental drilling to support the nerve of the affected tooth.

Another use for Hypericum is for injury to the spinal column. In many cases the ensuing pain, and/or paralysis can be avoided, or mitigated in severe injuries. There is nothing in western medicine that can offer to heal and stimulate the regrowth of nerves. Yet in homeopathy we have this wonder”non-drug”. Let me share only a few of the many miracles I have seen.

The first was with a homeopath I first studied with. A man came to his office with blackened fingers. They had been severed and then sewn back on, but they were not “taking” and doctors said he would probably lose them.  My friend gave him a high potency of Hypericum and had him repeat it at regular intervals, as well as soak his hand in the tincture with water. A few days later the color had returned and the fingers were saved.

Four years ago a woman came to the office complaining of constant anziety. After two hours of questioning I had pages of symptoms. I discovered she had had back surgery one year before and felt she had never been the same. I told her with so many symptoms I needed time to study the case, but in the meantime Hypericum seemed a good thought due to her surgery. The doctor I was working with agreed. She called one hour later “What did you give me?” I told her, “Why?” I asked, “Because by the time I got home to Cottonwood I felt like I was a completely different person- I feel all my tension and anxiety is melting away”. After that many symptoms disappeared, and we could go on to find a deeper remedy for her more easily.

It is important to remember that with Hypericum to be useful there needs to be an injury as the original cause- whether to the spine (even in whiplas or head injury), the tailbone, the nails, or a nerve-rich center like the eyes. If only the medical world would open to these simple, humble little remedies, think of the pain and suffering that could be alleviated. I encourage you to try them, and share your successes with others. Hypericum in the 30c potency is a good start, but for more serious injuries consult a homeopath on the use of higher potencies.

Jana Shiloh, M.A., is a Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH). She has practiced for 30 years in the U.S. and  for 6 months in India. She has also taught around the country, and for a course co-sponsored by the University of Arizona Medical School in Tucson. She is the author of 2 books: “Curing Colic and Lactose Intolerance with Homeopathy”, and “Homeopathy for Birthing”. Her new book on self-empowerment will be available in two weeks: “HeartFusion, The Magic of Imprinting Water”She treats people “constitutionally” as well as for flus, injuries, etc. Jana is available for phone or skype consultations. Contact her at info at healthraysdotcom

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