trauma_stressInherited Emotional States- Epigenetics. How have your ancestor’s traumas effected your life today?

In addition to Classical Homeopathy and HeartFusion technologies, I also offer something called Source Medicine. This was developed by Peter Chappell who is an English homeopath. His remedies have been used for physical and emotional traumas originally in Africa and now all over the world. Cured cases of PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome) have been documented from Rwanda where the genocide left scars that are unimaginable on both sides. See a few short documentaries showing the results here:

I was honored to be in Peter Chappell’s training class for homeopaths about his philosophy, results, and his unique remedies. I am glad to be able to also offer those to my clients. I have seen these remedies reach back to traumas that began with our ancestors including war traumas, rape, abandonment, incest and much more. These imprints are with us at birth. They are now proven with studies on the children of the holocaust survivors, the Irish potato famine, and even other studies even with rats- see

Where else can you find remedies that will address these kinds of issues?

Practical Homeopathic Information about sports and situational injuries as well as pre and post op knowledge you shouldn’t be without

Have you had an accident? In house? Sports? Car? Are you about to have a surgical procedure or a tooth removed?

The first thing you should know about is Arnica- not just the ointment or gel, but the kind on little sugar pills you pop into your mouth. These are “homeopathic and much stronger than any topical could ever be (although both have their place and do well combined too).

Arnica will assist the body in reducing swelling and bruising, and internal bleeding. Taking it the night before a surgery or right before a procedure or an extraction will help more than you can imagine. Also after that or an accident for 2-3 days 3 times a day or as needed for pain and swelling. Stop if it is no longer effective and has done it’s job. There are many other remedies to address injuries or surgeries involving tendons and ligaments after Arnica has done it’s job.
At the health food store you can get Arnica 30 c or x, or Arnica 200c (which is stronger for surgeries or more serious accidents). Use it also with kids that fall down and get swollen bruises on heads or elsewhere). Moms wonder how they live without it.

There are a few no-no’s for homeopathic remedies. If you need to take them for a few days- avoid things that will antidote them like Coffee (sorry- I don’t make up the rules! Caffeine is OK, but actual coffee is a problem) and strong mint, menthol, Eucalyptus, and camphor- like in Vicks products- will all stop the effects of the remedies.

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