whitebuffalocalfwomanWhen the White Buffalo lived at Spirit Mountain Ranch with Jim and Deena in Flagstaff AZ, I had the good fortune to visit them and become their friend. As a person who has used energetic Essences and frequency medicine for healing for over 35 years, I wanted to experience what an Essence from the White Buffalo would feel like and what it’s purpose was. I was gifted with some of their shed fur. The Essence I made was eventually sold at their store and was healing for many people. I was happy for it to be used to help support the White Buffalo.

This amazing Essence is the giver of deep peace, meditation, expansion, joy and bliss. It opens the heart and some report experiencing the presence of White Buffalo Calf Woman. It has an amazing healing effect on muscular pain in the extremities. It is also incorporated in my Essence Sedona Healing Power. Try this profound gift of the White Buffalo for yourself! It also can be used at ceremonies and for meditations. I am so happy to be able to offer it here. 20% goes to the support of the White Buffalo, now relocated to CA. by Cynthia Hart-Button READ MORE…

Try this profound gift of the White Buffalo for yourself! Also can be used at ceremonies. Not recommended for sweat lodges. Because of the strong expansive qualities it could feel uncomfortable in the high heat of many sweat lodges. Immediately I realized the fur was something very special. I knew I needed to have make an Essence from it!

The Story of the White Buffalo. There are a few different versions of this story as you might imagine, because it has been handed down verbally over the generations; I will tell you the one I was told. There was a time 1000 years ago or more when the Lakota people were in trouble. They could not find buffalo for the winter. They were cold, hungry, and there was much strife in the tribe as well as with their neighbors. Winter was fast approaching. One day two hunters went out looking for buffalo. Suddenly, in the distance, they saw a beautiful woman approaching. As she came closer, the first hunter was filled with desire and said he was going after her. The second tried to dissuade him, he also sensed there was something very unusual about this woman; but the first one took off, running towards her. Immediately, when he got near her, a mini dirt twister enveloped them both. When it stopped, the woman was standing there with a pile of ashes at her feet. The second hunter was scared, fearing he was next. She looked at him saying “This man had many desires and they were all fulfilled in a few moments, and this is what was left. You recognized me for who I am. Take me to your village and I will help your

During her stay, she taught the people to live in peace and harmony, and she gave them five ceremonies. The two best known to us are the Sweat Lodge, and the Pipe Ceremony! both incorporate the gathering of individuals to share their hearts, their truths and their prayers. At the end of her teachings, she announced her departure. They asked when she would return again. Her answer was simple: “When the earth is in darkness and chaos I will return in the form of a White Buffalo to show the world there is still hope.” She then walked off and led them to a herd to hunt. In the process, she turned into a buffalo and her colors went from black to brown to red to yellow to white to represent all nations on the earth. Then she disappeared. Some Elders say she came from the Star Nations, or the Pleiades. The Pipe is said to still be within the Lakota Tribe.